Bayrischer Rundfunk, Klassik

An encounter with sounds, felt to the marrow, full of beguiling crystalline purity and fragility, of a deep poetry and contemplation.

Basler Zeitung

Vier hervorragende Instrumentalisten, die dem Alphorn samt seiner Derivate hoffnungslos verfallen sind. (noch übersetzen)

NZZ am Sonntag

Die Klänge von Hornroh berücken durch Leichtigkeit und Transparenz: Eigenschaften, die man den schwerfälligen Hörnern kaum zutrauen würde. (noch übersetzen)

Peter Rüedi, Weltwoche

Edgy, abstract intervals, heart-rending twilight songs – this groovy Buchel choir elevates the supernatural yearning potential of the natural horn. The dramaturgy of the whole performance is striking. The sequence of contrasts is built with much humour. Touching, amusing, explosive and meditative.

Monte travel – Alpines Internetportal

The music of Hornroh is characterized by the urge to renew traditional Alpine music without losing its traditional symbolism. Therein is the incomparable charm of this music.

Musik & Theater Magazine

The alphornquartet Hornroh, at least since it appeared at the Lucerne Festival to a wider audience familiar with classical music, fascinated from the first to the last bar.