Contemporary Music

Since 2009, in the contemporary music field, Hornroh performed two newly-commissioned pieces for alphorn quartet, including Gletsc, by Mischa Käser, which remains in the repertoire and can be performed at appropriate events.

Klangbasel 2016

Premiere of ‚Brut’ by Lukas Langlotz.
For alphorns tuned in e, f, f sharp, g, g sharp, a
büchel in b flat and c
voice and alto trombone

CD gletsc, 2015

Release of the same name composition by Mischa Käser
Release of 10 Marginalien for 2 oder 3 alphorns by Georg Haider
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Musica Viva 2014 (München)

World Premiere of ‚concerto grosso nr.1’ by Georg Friedrich Haas.
For 4 alphorns and large orchestra.

Lucerne Festival 2009

World Premiere of Gletsc by Mischa Käser.

Gletsc is the of symbolic fragment “Gletscher” (glacier). The remaining letters, h, e & r have already fallen victim to global warming. Glaciers are melting worldwide, making the earth poorer. The six movements represent landscapes formed by glacial deposits (moraines).

Moraine No. 6: Os.
Oser – ridges formed by sub-glacial meltwater. Having been sculpted left and right by the movements of the surrounding glacier, they rise as erratic embankments in the landscape and can be several dozen kilometres long.

An extract:

» „gletsc“ 2015

» CD-Release


Münchner Kammerorchester: Concert sauvage 2009

7th May 2009, premiere of Symphony No. 9 for alphorns and orchestra by Bernhard Jestl, with the Munich Chamber Orchestra.

» 2014 contemporary music – concerto crosso Nr. 1