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„Findling“ (erratic block) is what hornroh modern alphornquartet, calls its latest cd. As immovable as the erratic boulders that were abandoned by glacial wanderings before the dawn of human consciousness, these four musicians nominate their strange, naked sounds to be thrown vulnerable to our ears, subscribed for too long to tempered tuning. A symbiosis of elemental power and artifice, exploring unfamiliar worlds of expression within the supposedly-familiar alp-kosmos of the alphorn.

The high art of natural lip-blown instruments is celebrated by hornroh, as if with overtones from another world: Alongside the alphorn - the specially-developed alpofon, the buchel, held horizontally and played like a baroque trumpet, cow horn, lure and mirliton. The four players meet in a happily-experimental beguilingly-sensual soundworld: delicate and pure, familiar and oblique, full of deep poetry and contemplation.
(from: Radio Bavaria, Susanne Schmerda, Dec 2009)

"Hautmusik" (as much as 'skin music') is named the according live performance. Through the mediums of composition, improvisation and spatial movement, hornroh elicits energy-laden archaism, harmonic diversity and delicate sound painting from these Swiss cult instruments. These four can let the instruments wail; the air trembles and gives even the room a voice. This is music that first strokes the skin, then goes underneath it.

DRadio Wissen

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